Navigating the Ever-changing Business Environmental Regulations

Business Law Navigation: Why You Can't Do It Yourself

Federal, state and local laws governing the operations of business all belong to their own branch of law--business law. You want to own and operate a business, but you do not know the ins and outs of the laws governing the type of business you want to operate. Without a business attorney to advise you, you are totally lost. Here is why you definitely cannot navigate business laws on your own.

Federal Law Typically Trumps State and Local Laws

Federal laws typically trump state and local laws for business operation. However, there are exceptions to many of the rules, and they vary widely from state to state. Unless you spend three years memorizing state and federal business law books, there is no way you could know where the loopholes are and when federal law overrules them.

Not Even Business Lawyers Have All the Laws Memorized

It may come as a surprise, but not even business lawyers know or have memorized all the state and federal business laws on the books. That does not mean that the business attorney you hire does not know enough. It just means that if he or she does not know absolutely everything, it would be impossible for a non-attorney to know enough to navigate the laws. 

Your Attorney Has Reference Sources That Can Fill a Law Library

When it comes down to a question of legality or a problem involving a consumer lawsuit, you do not have the extensive legal resources your lawyer does. He or she can access an entire legal library online, as well as his/her personal legal library of books. Many of these law books are difficult to acquire unless you are a lawyer, and online resources for lawyer use only bar you from finding information you need or could use.

Expansion of Your Business Requires Legal Help in Other States

Business attorneys are usually only licensed to practice law in their own states. If you expand your company to another state, you will need a business attorney in that state to assist you. The one you have in your home state can help you find another firm or another business lawyer that can help with legal questions and expansion issues in the states in which you wish to expand. Basic information can be researched by your lawyer, but more in-depth information and state-specific information requires a business attorney in that state.

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