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Is Your Teenage Daughter Being Sexually Harassed At Work By Managers? Take Action Today

Having a teen that works for an employer gives your teen independence, but at their young age, they may not understand what appropriate behavior is for adults in the workplace. If your teenage daughter has told you about some inappropriate comments some male employees and managers have said about her appearance, or that sexual things have been suggested to her, you want to find a lawyer.

You need to find out if what the staff is saying and doing is legal, and what option your family has to take action against them. Do the following as quickly as you can.

Consult With a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sit down with you teen and a sexual harassment attorney. Your teen will discuss the comments that are being made to her, who is saying them, and any other things that are going on that may be inappropriate.

The lawyer will ask her a variety of questions about other comments or actions your daughter may not know are also harassment. This consultation will allow the lawyer to determine if there is enough proof for a case, and if there is evidence.

You may be a in a situation where it's your teen against the word of a manager or another employee. Having eye witnesses and other employees that will testify, or that maybe are being harassed as well, will be beneficial for the case.

Explore Possible Paths of Action

Explore the different options and possibilities for the case. If you don't want a lot of media attention or to go to court, your lawyer may draw up a small deal and present it to the employer. This could be a small amount of severance pay if your daughter doesn't want to return to work there.

If you want to prosecute those who harassed your daughter, then you will be considering a court case. Your daughter will have to stop working there, and then your lawyer will file the paperwork and the accusers will be served with papers and notified.

Your teen may not want to go through a long court case where they are examined and forced to face the harassers. Talk with them and the attorneys to find out what the best option is, and what you want to try first. If you can settle out of court with a financial settlement and some other negotiations, this may be the best option for all involved.