Checking The Probate: Why It Is Not As Uncomfortable A Process As It Sounds

When someone passes away and has had the mindset to set up probate for his/her estate in advance to his/her death, there is public record of this. In fact, there has to be public record of it because the reason for probate is to make creditors and debt collectors aware of the fact that a borrower has passed away and that funds from the estate are about to be disbursed. If someone owes you money and passes away, you are entitled to collect on that debt from that person's estate. [Read More]

Good Reasons To Hire A Probate Attorney

If you have recently lost a loved one and there is an inheritance that must go through the probate courts before it can be passed along to the heirs, you will want to consider hiring a probate attorney. Having a better understanding of what their probate services include will help you see just how important it would be for you to retain them for their services. Read through the following ways a probate attorney can help you so can see the benefit of finding one soon. [Read More]

Avoiding Personal Liability For Business Debts

 As an entrepreneur, you should do everything in your power to avoid business liabilities from affecting your personal life. Here are a few measures to help you with this. Don't Comingle Business and Personal Expenses Ensure that your personal expenses and your business expenses are completely separate. Start by having separate bank accounts for your personal and business expenses. Deposit money into its own account and charge expenses into the right accounts. [Read More]

Widows: Is A Living Trust The Best Thing For Your Estate?

If your estate is substantially large, you may want to keep out it of probate after your death. The probate process can prevent your loved ones from receiving your assets, property, and money in a timely manner. You can establish a living trust to keep your estate out of probate. Here's more information about a living trust and how you can establish one for your estate: What's a Living Trust? [Read More]